In April 2000, a friend at an employment agency told me about an opening at a newspaper in Marina del Rey and arranged an interview for me with the owner and publisher of The Argonaut, Dave Johnson.

When I arrived at the agency, they told me that they had tried to reach me to cancel the appointment because Mr. Johnson had reservations about my legal background; he had a thing about lawyers.

Since I was already there, he agreed to go ahead with the meeting. We hit it off immediately and Dave decided to ignore his reservations and offered me the position.

But one problem remained.ÝHow would I feel about the daily commute to Marina del Rey? I’d told him that my limit was to travel no more than a cup of coffee from home to office. Dave then suggested that I get a larger cup and take smaller sips. I agreed and never regretted it for a minute. I think he felt the same way.