“Fifteen knot breezes and fairly flat seas — ideal sailing conditions,” were the situation Saturday, July 30th, when 13 compet- itors arrived for the second and third legs of the Chuck Stein series, reported principal race officer Andy Kopetzky.

Pacific Mariners Yacht Club hosted the event.

Five J-80s had their own class.

Two Martin 242s and a J-24 made up the PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) B class and five others made up the PHRF A class.

PHRF A boats sailed eight-mile courses. John Staff, California Yacht Club (CYC) and his 30-foot Cheetah, Wildcat, just blazing, fast off the wind, managed to keep his lead over his fellow class competitors despite being the scratch boat in the fleet.

Tom Payne of Redondo Beach Yacht Club, sailing his Santana 30/30, Ghost, took second place.

PHRF B, comprised of two Martin 242s and one J-24, sailed a five-mile course and a seven-mile course.

Jim Durden, with an all-girl crew sailing 9 Lives, won both races and later said:

“They had a great time and it is all about having fun.”

Second place in the class was awarded to Brack Duker, CYC, sailing his Martin 242, Velerito.

The J-80 class sailed an eight- mile course in the first race and a seven-mile course in Race Two.

Curt Johnson, CYC, sailing Avet, took bullets in both races, giving him first place.

Second place in this class went to David Novick, sailing 702.

Post race hospitality was at Pacific Mariners Yacht Club, where participants found a “CYOB” — cook your own burger — barbecue.