Female-founded agency offers creative solutions for businesses and professionals

By Sara Edwards

Raquel Leal Davies and Patricia Teixeira are the founders of Ytinga, a Culver City-based marketing agency.

New marketing agency Ytinga is bringing years of communications and marketing experience to Culver City to help businesses get back on their feet after the events of 2020.

Co-founder Patricia Teixeira created the concept for the company when she was in the process of leaving one marketing job for another, but the pandemic caused her new offer to fall through. Teixeira began doing freelance consulting and marketing for clients and decided to turn it into her full-time job so she called on Raquel Leal Davies, a longtime friend and experienced marketer and event planner, to team up with her.
The pair officially launched Ytinga in October and have been helping businesses in the Los Angeles area get the right marketing and voice for their customers while working from home.

“We saw a need for companies that needed to rebrand and there’s a whole new market out there because of the pandemic,” Davies said. “We are excited to keep helping the community.”

Teixeira and Davies both immigrated from Brazil and are single moms who have been working from home during the pandemic. But despite not having an office space, the two have been able to help brands and nonprofit organizations rebrand and remarket themselves.

Teixeira has worked for multiple companies including DreamWorks, Hearst and The Walt Disney Company while Davies has experience in international business working with institutions like the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Nortel Networks, Enterasys Networks and Knoll, Inc.

Ytinga can help businesses with anything from starting a YouTube channel to planning events. One of the company’s first clients was NOVICA, an e-commerce arts marketplace that connects artisans and customers, which hired Teixeira and Davies to create video advertisements for the company.

Teixeira and Davies said that as they continue to grow the business, they want to help businesses whose missions and goals line up with Ytinga, from nonprofit organizations to privately-owned companies.

“We want to help companies near the Santa Monica area, we want to be that local boutique agency with a story that people love and trust,” Davies said.

Teixeira added, “People might be afraid to go to agencies to produce videos because it sounds like a really expensive area. But because of our business model, we’re able to offer very competitive pricing for these brands that want to start making videos or growing their brand.”
The name Ytinga was inspired by Teixeira, whose grandmother was a part of the Ytinga, an indigenous tribe in Rio, Brazil. The colorful feather that is part of the company’s logo represents a heritage in the progress of technology.

Teixeira and Davies are grateful for the support they have received from their clients and hope to continue to expand the business in 2021. Teixeira said that when the time is right, they plan to find an office space in Culver City and help local businesses in the area. They also plan to bring on more clients through partnerships.

“People are starting to pay attention to us and it’s super exciting,” Teixeira said. “When we sent out our first newsletters, we had an amazing response and it assured us that we were on the right track.”