The International Student Placements organization is seeking host families for Santa Monica College (SMC) students from other countries.

International Student Placements, a 15-year-old organization based in the San Francisco Bay area, currently has two women SMC students from Asia who are hoping to live with American families while they attend college.

“We will have more international students from Asia who will enroll in Santa Monica College this fall and we need an equal number of homes for them to stay in,” said Frances Sotcher, International Student Placements area coordinator. “It can be a very rewarding experience.”

As “home hosts,” community members are asked to provide a private bedroom, meals and a family atmosphere.

In exchange, the student will pay $750 per month for room and board, or $600 without meals.

Information about the organization or on becoming a home host for three months, (310) 827-3618, or frances@ISPHome