L.A.’s fastest-growing hamburger chain is all about variety and customization

By Angela Matano

Burgerim features three sauces, nine toppings and 11 kinds of patties

With the recent arrivals of Shake Shack and the fantastically delicious HiHo Cheeseburger amid tried-and-true local staples such as Hinano Café, Pono Burger and In-N-Out, it may feel like the Westside has finally hit peak burger. I mean, what more could there be to say about dressing up a humble meat patty?

It turns out the peak is even higher than imagined — so high that, like, maybe the moon really is made of green cheese and we could put some on a yak patty.

All this is to say there’s a new burger in town: Burgerim. And this joint comes out guns ablazin’. With an emphasis on choice, choice, and a side of choice, Burgerim — a fast-growing Israeli chain with a name that means “many burgers” in Hebrew — aims to satisfy just about every possible burger craving.

More than 97 Burgerim franchises have recently opened or are slated to open in California. A Marina del Rey location opened last weekend on Lincoln Boulevard just below Washington, following in the footsteps of another on Barrington Avenue along the edge of Mar Vista. Locations on Main Street in Culver City and Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade are slated to join them any day now.

So what’s their deal? The penultimate attraction is the size of the burger: mini (2.8 oz. specifically). You can get just one, if you’re that kind of Angeleno, or go as crazy as you please. The main attraction is the number of toppings, flavors and sheer variety Burgerim has on offer. Three sauces, six types of bun, eleven kinds of patties and nine “unconventional” toppings make for a serious Build-a-Burger concept — can I copyright that?

With its desire to please and effort to accommodate myriad food allergies and dietary restrictions, Burgerim combines something-for-everyone appeal with straight-up burgermania
in a way that should work well for families and groups of people with disparate desires. Besides the expected beef and veggie options, the range of choices (while varying at different locations) can include salmon, turkey, lamb, chicken and even chorizo.

The slider-ish size of the burgers (they are a little bigger than a traditional slider) lets you try out a few different things and pinpoint a fave. Try Cowboy BBQ sauce with pineapple on a salmon patty for one, and jalapenos and an egg on a chorizo burger for your other. The mix ‘n’ match quality is kind of fun — like a smorgasbord.

Another fun service is a box of 16 burgers that Burgerim calls a party box. Like bringing a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes to a meeting, a mixed-burger variety pack would surely win you a few points from your boss and co-workers. They look super-cute all nestled together, like a bag of pull-apart dinner rolls topped with gooey goodness.

Burgerim also offers lots of options that aren’t burgers. Salads (panzanella, chopped, Caesar), chicken wings, and a grilled rib eye sandwich grace the menu, along with items for kids and scrummy-sounding desserts like marshmallow dream. Fries — regular and sweet potato —are also available, as are onion rings. At this point, why limit yourself?

With a menu full of possibility and quickly populating the Westside, Burgerim may carve out a solid niche in the Westside fast food landscape.

Make that yak burger well done … and a side of green moon cheese, please!

Burgerim 4020 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey burgerim.com