The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble is continuing its critically acclaimed ìWar Cycleî with Survived, a story inspired by true accounts of the families of fallen soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica.

Survived performances begin at 8 p.m. Thursday, April 2nd and run through Saturday, April 25th at the theater, 3116 Second St., Santa Monica. Talkbacks with the cast are scheduled Thursday nights April 9th, 16th and 23rd.

ìRecently the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken a back seat to the economic crisis on the home-front. The Ensemble is committed to developing new installments of ìThe War Cycleî so that we can continue to tell the stories of those Americans impacted by those wars,î artistic director Tom Burmester says.

ìAfter all, these families will still be experiencing the impact of these wars long beyond the point when the 24-hour news cycle has ceased to report on them. With Survived, we examine a heroís journey interrupted and the personal quest for meaning and redemption that accompanies tragic loss.î

The performance is collaboratively conceived by the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble, is written by Burmester and directed by Burmester and Danika Sudik.

The Survived cast features Trevor Algatt, Jen Bailey, Melissa Collins, Danielle Katz, Mike Kindle, Albert Meijer, Spencer Nicholas, Michael Pappas, Jonathan Redding, Sudik, Dee Amerio Sudik, and James W. Sudik.

Survived, the follow-up to ìThe War Cycleísî Wounded, follows the lives of the Harper family as they prepare to scatter the ashes of 24-year-old

Lt. Michael Harper on the anniversary of his combat-related death in Iraq. A surprise visit from a soldier who served with Harper at the time of his death ignites a wealth of emotion and throws the family into crisis as they strive to preserve their memories of Michael while learning to let go, Burmester explains.

Scenic and lighting design for Survived is by Francois-Pierre Couture, with fight choreography by Jonathan Redding. Burmester, founder and artistic director of the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble, has directed over 30 productions for the stage including Wounded, Kindred by Daniel Keleher, and Metamorphosis by Mary Zimmer.

Tickets are $25. For tickets,, or (800) 595-4849.