Post offices run out of stamps

Local postal authorities claim the long lines at Marina area post offices are lessening, but there’s still a shortage of some stamps.

The Venice Post Office, Marina Post Office in Villa Marina Center and Playa del Rey Post Office on Culver Boulevard ran out of one-cent stamps as customers with eight-cent postcards found need for an extra penny stamp.

This week no three-cent stamps were available at the Main Venice Post Office.

Mrs. Helen Wright, assistant to Postmaster Cal Oglesby, said other post offices in the Los Angeles area had also run out of one-cent stamps and were experiencing the same long lines at stamp sales windows.

Mrs. Wright said Marina, Playa del Rey and Venice Post Offices had been issued 200,000 three-cent stamps since December 31st to handle the heavy demand for extra postage after the U.S. Postal Service raised the price of first class mail from 10 cents to 13 cents for the first ounce.