Developer Jerry H. Snyder was honored by the Boys & Girls Club of Venice during a brunch Sunday, October 10th, in the Marina del Rey Marriott Hotel.

Snyder was praised for his past efforts in assisting the local youth club.

After hearing club members sing a song rewritten to honor him, Snyder announced that he and his wife, Joan, were making a donation to the club.

“I understand you have raised $50,000 with this event today and my wife and I would like to add a matching $50,000,” Snyder told the stunned audience.

“This is absolutely wonderful,” said club executive director John A. (JR) Dzubak, Jr.

The club has bought a large bus to carry its members to various activities.

The club is also seeking to move its thrift shop to a larger location.

Cathy Hession, president of the club’s board of directors, also praised the Snyders for their gift.

Hession noted that in recent years, the club has expanded the number of members the club serves. The club provides after-school, education and recreation programs.