A Los Angeles Superior Court judge Monday denied a request from opponents of the Playa Vista project for a temporary restraining order to stop development and construction at a site where construction workers recently found unearthed human bone fragments.

Human burials had been discovered at a site where Playa Vista is developing a riparian corridor channel.

This week, Playa Vista officials admitted that “since the early planning phases of the First Phase of the Playa Vista project in the 1990s, it was expected that the project would come into contact with archaeological resources, including Native-American remains.”

Playa Vista officials said that “many groups came together almost 15 years ago to create plans for how archaeological findings would be treated.”

Plaintiffs who sought the temporary restraining order included many Playa Vista critics who have claimed that Playa Vista officials have not adequately addressed the human burial issue.

“Playa Vista appreciates the sensitivity whenever Native American remains are encountered and we hold ourselves and the archaeological team to the highest standards,” said Patti Sinclair, Playa Vista general counsel.