June Hatton, a community volunteer and leader in Westchester for 45 years, died July 29th. She was 81.

Born Priscilla McCabe in Pueblo, Colorado, Hatton had three sisters and a brother. She took the nickname “June,” short for “junior,” to differentiate herself from her mother, who had the same name.

Hatton grew up in Pueblo with her husband-to-be, Bill, and they were married in June 1949. She attended the University of Colorado, graduating with a degree in medical technology, and worked as a medical technician at Colorado General Hospital in Denver.

When Hatton and her husband moved to Southern California in 1951, she worked at Ross-Loos Medical Group (now Cigna) in Los Angeles.

The couple joined the Westchester United Methodist Church prior to moving to Westchester in 1963.

The Hattons raised three children, Jim, Susan and Brian, who were educated in Westchester public schools. As their children grew up, the Hattons became involved with Westchester baseball, soccer and Pop Warner football teams.

She worked with the PTA while her children attended elementary and junior high school and she was active in the Girl Scouts for eight years, working as a troop leader.

For one year beginning in 1972, the Hattons hosted Marijke Lijnkamp, a foreign-exchange student from the Netherlands, through the Westchester chapter of the American Field Service. The Hattons managed to stay in touch with their “Dutch daughter,” and got together over the years.

Upon Bill Hatton’s retirement as an aerospace engineer in 1981, the couple traveled, ultimately visiting all seven continents.

Later in life, June Hatton’s other involvements included a membership in the P.E.O. Sisterhood, a group that advocates for the education of women; various board positions at the Westchester United Methodist Church; and coordinator of the Guilded Cage, a gift shop operated to provide financial support to the Airport Marina Counseling Service through the Westchester Mental Health Guild.

Hatton is survived by her husband, Bill; sons, Jim and Brian; daughter, Susan; grandchildren, Daniel, Jennifer, James and Kathryn; and great-grandson, Mark.

Memorial services are scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Saturday, August 9th, at the Westchester United Methodist Church, 8065 Emerson Ave. in Westchester.

In lieu of flowers, the family says donations may be made to the Westchester United Methodist Church.