Indie Chicks Int’l Film Fest features the story of a woman with many possible lives

By Brian Welk

Amber Higgins

Amber Higgins

In the new short film “Me3,” actress Amber Higgins plays one woman named Megan, but she’s portraying three separate roles reflecting different possible outcomes for her life: Megan the Mom, Megan the Working Woman, and the Megan who chose love.

Higgins is just right for the part, because in addition to playing three roles in front of the camera, she’s wearing numerous hats behind it.

“Me3” plays on Friday at the Laemmle Monica Film Center as part of the Indie Chicks International Film Festival, a daylong showcase of features and shorts by independent female filmmakers.

As the star, producer and CEO of “Me3” production house Ten Four Films, Higgins has found some success as an actress, but she feels working independently has allowed her more freedom to tell the stories she prefers.

“Hollywood is now all about creating your own content, and as an artist, you don’t always have control over what you book,” Higgins said. “My vision as an artist and as a businesswoman is to create content that can make a difference in the world and make a positive influence.”

“Me3,” directed by Jason Baumgardner, imagines what one woman’s life would look like had she made different choices. In one version she’s the owner of a bar who had passed on an education at Yale, while in another she’s a successful lawyer yet unfulfilled romantically, and in a third she’s a struggling single mom. The concept has the makings of something greater, and Higgins says there are currently plans to expand the short into either a feature or a TV series.

“It’s a story that’s exciting and that every single person can relate with because we have all questioned at some point whether we are on the right journey or made the right choices,” Higgins said. “My favorite role to play is the mom. But the one I personally relate to is the lawyer, because I’m an independent woman faced with the decision: Do I want to focus on my career right now, or do I want to start having a family and settling down?”

Originally from Texas, the Beverly Hills-based Higgins selected the careerist lifestyle while many of her friends back home have had kids. But Higgins has found uplift and meaning through her work, and she hopes to reflect that in her films.

“Ten Four Films is a production company that I started, and it’s basically focused on creating inspirational stories that the audience can go away with some type of healing,” Higgins said. “I love the heart-wrenching stories that have a lot of emotional depth, that characters have to face challenges, but in the end there’s redemption.”

Tackling three characters on screen meant being able to give the producer’s hat to others Higgins trusted. And as one of the indie chicks appearing at the Indie Chicks International Film Festival, she feels having that same opportunity will inspire other women to work in film.

“Every person has their own voice and their own story to share. There shouldn’t be any limitations, male or female,” Higgins said. “There’s not as many female filmmakers in Hollywood, so it’s exciting to encourage other women to come and express your stories that so many people can relate to. Take that leap of faith. Everyone should be able to share their story and their perspective.”


“Me3” screens at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11, at the Laemmle Monica Film Center (1332 2nd St, Santa Monica) as part of the Indie Chicks International Film Festival, on Facebook as @indiechicksfilmfestival.