Loyola Marymount University professor John Davis is being honored as an “Unsung Hero of the Year” by local PBS station KCET during public service announcements airing this month as part of February Black History Month programming.

Davis is being honored for founding the African-American Studies Department at the university in 1980.

He believes all students, regardless of their own ethnicity, should be exposed to African-American studies.

“The notion that African-American studies is only for African-American students is erroneous,” Davis said. “Everyone benefits from learning about the contributions African-Americans have made to America.

“We can all learn from Asian-Pacific studies, Chicana/o studies, and all of the disciplines that reflect points of view grounded in the lived experiences of other Americans,” Davis said.

Davis has taught sociology and African-American studies at the university since 1978. He also advocates for recruiting minority students into higher education careers.