Two murals painted by students from Westchester schools will be displayed on the interior walls of the auditorium at Kentwood Elementary School.

After several months of designing and planning, the six-by-28-foot murals will be drawn, painted and mounted onto wood panels to adorn the auditorium’s interior walls. The project was made possible through a Special Children’s Art Foundation grant, school officials said.

“One painting will depict students and musical art images to reflect the music programs we are so proud of at Kentwood Elementary,” said Jean Pennicooke, school principal. “The second painting contains images in theater arts to encapsulate film, dance and theater. We want our young students to feel encouraged about their talents, which we so often witness in school performances.”

Vista Paint, a charitable donor of the project, provided custom color mixes of the palettes for the murals, which involved nearly a month-long process.

Students from Kentwood Elementary, as well as invited students from Orville Wright Middle School, Westchester High School, and Loyola Marymount University are helping to paint the murals.

“The air was filled with excitement among the students, staff and parents,” said Kentwood Education Fund president Mylah Wessels, who was instrumental in getting the project to the school.

“This collaboration between special needs and typical children working together to create fine art in our neighborhood school is not only heartwarming but inspiring.”

The murals will be available for public display, while in progress or completion, during upcoming campus tours at Kentwood Elementary, 8401 Emerson Ave. in Westchester.