The Kentwood Players theater group will present a Kentwood Kids production of “Greece! – The Musical” on Saturdays, June 2 through 16 at the Westchester Playhouse, 8301 Hindry Ave. in Westchester.

Performances are scheduled at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Written by Sue Gordon, Greece! – The Musical is a comedic mix of Greek legends that tells the story of troubles on Mount Olympus. Some of the troubles facing the gods include a boiler that has stopped working, leaving Zeus without any hot water and causing him to be in quite a bad mood.

In addition, Dionysus has a hangover so it’s up to Hera to sort things out by calling for Heracles, the odd job muscle man of Ancient Greece, to come to their rescue. But when Prometheus steals fire from short-tempered Zeus, handy-man Heracles, adventurous Icarus and an entire Greek chorus get involved.

Featured in the cast are Liam Baker, Damian Castillejo, Richard “Oliver” Garcia, Lucas Hannig, Dillon Hensel, Kalani Hildebrand, Osric Holt, Stephanie Hotz, Kobe Kubes, Steven Lerner, Caroline Macou, Gabrielle Olivas, Joseph Olivas, Grace Rector, Lily Rennaker, Jaren Rhodes, Ethan Schyman, Avalon Silver, Isaiah Suber, Naomi Suber, Izzy Sumrall, Miller Vaughn, Rolin Weber and Hana Lina Woolley.

The production is directed by Drew Fitzsimmons and Melodie S. Rivers by special arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts.

Tickets are $10 with a special family four-pack of seats for $35.

For reservations, (310) 645-5156, Tuesday through Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m.