County supe calls for investigation as gov’t agencies struggle try to figure out who should have been in charge; Coast Guard had received notice but doesn’t police noise

By Gary Walker and Joe Piasecki

Photo courtesy of Neil Budde

Photo courtesy of Neil Budde

A massive fireworks display launched from a Kardashian yacht party just outside the Marina del Rey breakwater at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday has public officials scrambling to figure out which government agency should have been keeping up with the Kardashians.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe told The Argonaut on Wednesday that he is opening an official investigation into how the very loud fireworks display was allowed to happen and whether the incident points up a need for more interagency cooperation.

“I’m interested in finding out where the process broke down. We want to see if there’s something that we could look at and improve in the notification process. We’ve had numerous [nosie] complaints from Marina del Rey to Palos Verdes,” said Knabe, who represents Marina del Rey.

And for it to happen on a school night was completely unacceptable, Knabe added.

“You couldn’t do this in Burton Chase Park on a weeknight. This disturbed animals in the Ballona Wetlands, seniors, children and their parents. It really was inexcusable,” he said.

Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin posted his displeasure to Facebook early Wednesday morning as TMZ and other local media reported that the fireworks originated from a birthday party that Khloe Kardashian threw for basketball star boyfriend James Harden.

“This ridiculous, rude and loud celebrity birthday bash woke up schoolchildren, scared pets and rousted thousands of people from a good night’s sleep. The city of Los Angeles did NOT permit this event,” wrote Bonin, adding that he’d checked in with several agencies, including the L.A. County Dept. of Beaches and Harbors.

Beaches and Harbors, which runs Marina del Rey, has no jurisdiction outside the marina breakwater and did not issue any permit for fireworks, spokeswoman Carol Baker said.

Activities in the Santa Monica Bay outside of the breakwater typically fall under the U.S. Coast Guard.

U.S Coast Guard Senior Chief Brenda Doris said her agency typically issues permits for events if they could have an impact on safety, travel lanes or a large number of participants, but in this case agency officials didn’t see a need to issue a permit.

“We were notified by the pyrotechnic company about the event, and that’s usually who we deal with,” said Doris, who was unable to confirm Kardashian involvement. “Unfortunately, we have no jurisdiction over noise ordinances. There were no violations as far as any federal statutes were concerned.”

Doris said the Coast Guard received noise complaints related to the fireworks from irate Marina del Rey residents.

A deputy with the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station said the station received “numerous calls” about noise related to the fireworks.