Broadway Elementary 4th grader organizes peaceful Black Lives Matter protest

By Dev Jaiswal

Broadway Elementary students and parents gathered outside the school on June 10 to show their support for racial justice

As “Black Lives Matter” protests continue in Los Angeles and throughout the United States, local mother Leandra and her daughter Lux decided to organize a peaceful demonstration of their own.

On June 10, the mother and daughter organized a socially distanced gathering in front of Lux’s school Broadway Elementary in Venice. Fellow students, their families, and the school principal were also present. Shaded from the afternoon heat by a tree and wearing masks, protesters stood holding up signs on Lincoln Boulevard and chanted “I Can’t Breathe,” “No Justice No Peace,” and other slogans in support of racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement. Lux, Broadway Elementary’school historian, spearheaded the event.

“My daughter Lux took the initiative to put together the protest for her school, to organize kids and families to be able to have a voice,” Leandra explained. (Leandra asked that her last name be withheld to protect her daughter’s privacy.)

“We had a lot of support from people honking,” Leandra said. “It was incredible how many people honked.”

Lux said she felt “really nice inside and outside” during the demonstration, especially when cars on the street honked in solidarity.

“I think what will come from this is people being nicer and in general not being killed because of the color of their skin,” Lux said. “I thank everybody for coming.”

Leandra has been very supportive of her daughter’s activism. The two have attended protests together in the past and have had conversations about what they mean.

“I support Lux in all her endeavors,” Leandra said. “I think it is very important that children have a voice and to use that voice to speak up and speak out on social issues.”