The Kiwanis Club of Santa Monica and First Federal Bank presented scholarships to 23 students in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Wednesday, June 16th.

Scholarships went to middle and high school students who participated in the club’s 55th annual vocal and instrumental music contest.

Students who won first through fourth place received scholarships.

Theodosia Roussos won two scholarships for placing fourth in both vocal and instrumental categories.

First place winners are April Paik, Megan Gillespie, Alex Kim, Dasha Jensen, James Hodges and Ananya Kepper.

Second place winners are Jerzy Fischer, Emma Korvin, Julianne Bruce, Alica Escarce, Christie Glaser and Tam Visher.

Third place winners are Caroline Reilly, Illana Summers, David Litwak, Ivan Rodriguez-Pinto, Jarrett Furst and Maren Jensen.

Fourth place winners are Carl Schoellhammer, Zachary Avshalomov, Brady Chiu and Madelyn Ross.