In response to the confusion over the county’s recently adopted beach ordinance, Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe has directed the Department of Beaches and Harbors to re-write a section of the law to clarify the section on ball and Frisbee playing at the beach.

Following the ordinance’s approval by the Board of Supervisors Feb. 7, some news sources had reported that the amended law bans Frisbee throwing and football playing on county beaches, subjecting violators to fees of up to $1,000. The news spread quickly to the Department of Beaches and Harbors, which heard from concerned callers from across the country and even internationally.

Beaches and Harbors issued a statement explaining that the new ordinance in fact lifts a decades-old, all-out ban on playing football, Frisbee and other ball on the beach. The law is intended to allow ball playing, while providing reasonable safety measures that lifeguards may impose on a crowded beach day to protect other visitors from possible injury.

“While the intent of the updated beach ordinance was to remove limitations on ball-playing, people interpreted it as the exact opposite – a full restriction on beach activities,” said Knabe.

“I appreciate the director of Beaches and Harbors clarifying the ordinance at our meeting (Feb. 14), but I am concerned that a misunderstanding will continue. We must do a better job of creating clear communications to minimize confusion like we had on this one when incorrect information went viral.”

Knabe directed Santos Kreimann, the director of Beaches and Harbors, to rewrite the ordinance in a manner that clearly states that such activities by small groups and individuals are allowed on county beaches, unless directed otherwise by county lifeguards or other designees to protect public safety and enjoyment of the beach.