Assemblyman Paul Koretz still believes that with amendments legislation to prohibit smoking on all state beaches can move forward.

Tuesday, June 22nd, the State Senate Natural Resources Committee turned down Koretz’s proposed legislation.

Friday, June 18th, Koretz had promoted his no-smoking ban statewide with a press conference before a backdrop of the California coastline in Santa Monica.

Koretz was joined by Santa Monica mayor Richard Bloom and Santa Monica mayor pro tem Kevin McKeown, Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss and local advocates for smoke-free beaches.

“Families visiting the beach shouldn’t have to share the sand with millions of nasty cigarette butts, nor should they have to breathe in the dangerous second-hand smoke,” Koretz said.

The new bill, Assembly Bill 1583, would deem smoking on a public coastal beach an infraction punishable by a $250 fine.

Several cities, including Santa Monica and Los Angeles, have recently passed ordinances to restrict smoking on beaches in their jurisdictions.

Los Angeles County Tuesday approved a temporary pilot program to prohibit smoking during summer months on two beaches in its jurisdiction, including Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey.

“Recent beach smoking bans in cities have marked the beginning of a change in attitude, and smoking on beaches is becoming socially unacceptable,” Weiss said.

Despite the treatment received by Assembly Bill 1583 at the State Senate Natural Resources Committee, Wednesday Koretz was optimistic he will eventually get his bill passed.