The two candidates for the Los Angeles City Council District 11 seat — Flora Gil Krisiloff and Bill Rosendahl — both announced Wednesday, April 20th, their opposition to the proposed merger of the Los Angeles World Airports Police Division and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The police merger proposal would be allowed if city voters pass Los Angeles Measure A on the general election ballot Tuesday, May 17th.

Measure A would repeal the city charter section that requires the airport police to remain an autonomous police force under the direction of the city department that manages Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles World Airports.

Krisiloff and Rosendahl are running in the runoff election Tuesday, May 17th, for the 11th District seat currently held by Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski.

Rosendahl said the proposal to merge the two law enforcement agencies poses too great a risk to security at LAX and therefore will expose residents of Westchester and Playa del Rey to danger.

“Our neighborhoods live in the shadow of one of the greatest terrorist targets on the West Coast,” Rosendahl said. “We cannot take a chance and put at risk travelers, airport employees and airport neighbors.”

“Promoting public safety and security is our primary obligation.”

Krisiloff said she opposes the proposed merger of the police departments because the airport police have “gained unique expertise in protecting the safety of passengers and airport employees.”

“The City of Los Angeles recently spent nearly $1 million to learn that the LAX Police Department is one of the best-trained police forces in the nation,” she said.

Rosendahl said his main objection to the proposed merger is that a unified police department would be tempted to re-deploy officers from LAX to other parts of the city, making the airport more vulnerable.

Currently more than 300 airport police officers have authority over daily security at LAX and are supported by a squad of 56 LAPD officers who work from an airport substation.

Other opponents of Measure A include the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey, the LAX Area Advisory Committee and the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association.