Blind Childrens Center graduate and Santa Monica resident Kyra Sweeney is the recipient of the center’s Robert Stack Achievement Award this year.

Sweeney was presented the award by Rosemarie Stack, widow of actor Robert Stack, at the center’s annual meeting Monday, September 22nd.

The award, which honors Robert Stack’s service and dedication to the center, is given to a graduate of the Blind Childrens Center for recognition of excellence.

Sweeney attended the Blind Childrens Center from 1995 to 1999. Though born blind, she has always shown tremendous independence, even as a little girl, center officials said.

Carolyn Newberry, a volunteer for many years and the center’s new board president, said Sweeney was always an “independent soul.”

Sweeney is currently a freshman at Santa Monica High School. She began piano lessons at four years old, progressing to the flute at age ten. Recently, she was one of 30 flute students who performed with James Galway at the Hollywood Bowl.

In addition to music, Sweeney is gifted academically, as she was a finalist seven times in the National Braille Challenge, center officials noted.

The Blind Childrens Center is a nonprofit family-centered agency devoted to helping children who are blind or visually impaired have the best quality and most productive lives possible. The center’s programs and services help children from infancy through the first grade acquire skills and build their independence.

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