The Los Angeles City Council approved a ten-year lease agreement with Westchester Golf Partners, LLC Friday, July 10th for the restoration, operation and maintenance of Westchester Golf Course near Los Angeles International Airport.

The agreement will add three holes on about 23 acres of vacant airport land located east of the southern half of the course along Westchester Parkway, returning the golf course to its original 18-hole design. The lease includes a 20-year extension option.

The neighborhood course was constructed in the mid-1960s with the standard 18 greens but it was transformed into a 15-hole course when the airport took some land to build Westchester Parkway.

The lease will pay Los Angeles World Airports, the city agency that operates LAX, a minimum of $500,000 or a percentage of the gross for the first two years and $525,000 for the remaining years of the lease, according to a city staff report.

Under the agreement, Westchester Golf Partners will invest at least $2.1 million for the restoration project and will be required to complete the restoration within 180 days following City Council and Federal Aviation Administration approval.

Officials anticipate that construction could be complete by early next year.