Rosendahl calls for more left-turn traffic signals

Acting on a central promise of his campaign, Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl on Wednesday, September 28th, called on the city Department of Transporation to begin work on left-turn traffic signals at some of the most congested intersections in his 11th Council District.

Rosendahl submitted a City Council motion directing the department to report back on the feasibility and funding of left-turn traffic signals at 12 different intersections.

“Making a left turn in Los Angeles has gone from hard to nearly impossible, from inconvenience to formidable challenge,” Rosendahl said.

“Frustrations with too few left-turn arrows, or with arrows that seem to stay green for barely an instant, are emblematic of the traffic crisis that grips our city, and particularly the Westside.

“It robs us of time with our families. It makes us late for work.”

Rosendahl asked the department to study 12 intersections cited most frequently by voters during his campaign and by constituents since he took office on July 1st.

The intersections are:

Bundy Drive and Olympic Boulevard;

Via del la Paz and Sunset Boulevard;

Bundy Drive and Pico Boulevard;

Sepulveda Boulevard and La Tijera Boulevard;

Lincoln Boulevard and Rose Avenue;

Sunset Boulevard east and Mandeville Canyon Road;

Venice Boulevard and Centinela Avenue;

Kenter Avenue and Sunset Boulevard;

Overland Avenue and Venice Boulevard;

Sawtelle Boulevard and Venice Boulevard;

Sepulveda Boulevard and Venice Boulevard; and

Sunset Boulevard west and Mandeville Canyon Road.