A number of readers have indicated confusion as to various senior services offered, such as senior transportation, in the tangle of jurisdictions represented in the Argonaut distribution area.

Many senior services available are provided by County Community and Senior Services, a social services agency responsible for the well-being of seniors, adults and youths, said Patricia Senette-Holt of the county department’s Office of Communication.

The department also provides services through a network of over 500 community agencies for the citizens of Los Angeles County. There is a variety of information as well as a list of available services at http://css.la county.gov/.

Locally, services are provided to the entire Argonaut readership area by the county’s Community and Senior Services contractor, WISE and Healthy Aging, 1527 Fourth St., Santa Monica, (310) 394-9871. Not all of the services listed below are funded by Community and Senior Services, said Senette-Holt.

WISE services include Adult Day Service Center, Caregiver Services, Congregate Meal Program, Frail Elderly Services, Elder Abuse Prevention Program, Financial Services, Health Clinic, Information and Referral, Long-term Ombudsman Program, Mental Health Services, Peer Counseling, Transportation and Mobility Program and Volunteer Services.

There are no transportation services for the unincorporated area of Marina del Rey, but Yellow Cab of Los Angeles says it accepts senior citizen IILA (International Institute of Los Angeles) and FAME (First African Methodist Episcopal Church) coupons. Information, www.la yellowcab.com/senior_services/.

As readers who have tried to obtain government help or information may have found out the hard way, the “local area” includes:

— Marina del Rey area: both the unincorporated Marina del Rey proper, under county jurisdiction, and areas with the Marina Zip code 90292 that are actually in the City of Los Angeles;

— the City of Santa Monica; and

— the City of Los Angeles, which includes Venice, Mar Vista, Del Rey, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, Westchester and the Los Angeles International Airport area.

Although Santa Monica and Los Angeles provide many of their own services, such as police and fire departments, the County Department of Health Services also serves all of these areas, as does County Community and Senior Services.