The Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts have entered into a partnership with Loweís Home Improvement on a rebate program for water-saving devices aimed at providing an incentive for customers to reduce water use and increase water supply reliability.

The districts provide water to residents in Marina del Rey and other Los Angeles area communities. The program, approved last summer by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, provides rebates to the districtsí customers for the purchase of water-saving washing machines, sprinkler controllers and other devices that increase water use efficiency both indoors and outside.

ìAs summer arrives, it is a good time to take advantage of the free programs the districts offer customers to help them use water more efficiently,î said Melinda Barrett, water conservation program manager with the districts. ìConservation throughout Los Angeles County must be a priority. This partnership with Loweís makes it easy for residents to take steps that will make a true impact on our water picture.î

The rebate partnership launch comes on the heels of an announcement by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declaring a state of emergency due to drought. Through the ìThree Easy Waysî public outreach campaign and the new rebate program, water districts officials say the agencies hope to help residents weather the drought.

The rebate program offers money back for rotating sprinkler nozzles, ìsmartî weather-based sprinkler controllers, high-efficiency clothes washers, synthetic turf, high-efficiency toilets, and waterless urinals for businesses. Rebates for the sprinkler nozzles are $4 each, and for synthetic turf, residents and businesses will be eligible for 30 cents per square foot. All other rebates range from $50 to $150 for approved product models.

Loweís also partners with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to educate homeowners on the benefits of installing energy-saving and water-saving products that have met the EPAís Energy Star and WaterSense criteria for water efficiency and performance.

ìAt Loweís, weíre committed to providing customers water-saving solutions that help maximize water savings and minimize expense without significantly altering lifestyle,î said Michael Chenard, Loweís director of environmental affairs. ìHomeowners are looking for ways to save money and Los Angeles Countyís rebate program is an excellent way to offset the initial costs of water-conserving products that will save money long-term.î

More than 250 customers of the districts have already taken advantage of the program.

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