Each candidate in the local City of Los Angeles 11th Council District runoff picked up an important endorsement this week.

Angela Reddock — who placed third in the District 11 primary and is out of the running for the Tuesday, May 17th, runoff —endorsed candidate Bill Rosendahl in the runoff.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky endorsed Rosendahl’s opponent, Flora Gil Krisiloff.

In the Tuesday, March 8th, primary election, Reddock received 5,597 votes or 14 percent of ballots cast in the 11th District.

Rosendahl received 18,274 votes or 45 percent of ballots cast.

Krisiloff received 17,088 votes or 42 percent of ballots cast.

A runoff election is held between the top two candidates when no candidate gets 50 percent plus one vote in the primary.

REDDOCK ENDORSEMENT — Reddock endorsed Rosendahl Wednesday, March 30th, at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Westchester.

“I think he represents the visionary leadership we need in this district and I enjoyed campaigning with him in the primary election,” Reddock said.

“I look forward to working with his runoff campaign on issues that need to be addressed in this district such as traffic gridlock, overdevelopment and stopping LAX expansion,” she said.

“This endorsement sends a strong message to the more than 5,000 voters who supported Reddock in the primary,” Rosendahl said.

“She and I have the same values, and we want people to know this,” he said.

In addition to endorsing Rosendahl, Reddock agreed to serve as a Rosendahl campaign co-chair.

“Angela is a bright light and a rising star. I am proud to have her as part of my team,” Rosendahl said.

“She is a tremendous public servant who elevated the debate with her enthusiasm, energy and creative ideas,” he said.

As campaign co-chair, Reddock would help Rosendahl develop policies on a variety of issues and communicate to voters Rosendahl’s positions on those issues.

Rosendahl said he was “thrilled and delighted” to receive Reddock’s endorsement.

The bulk of the votes for Reddock came from communities in the southern part of the district.

Those communities also favored Rosendahl over Krisiloff.

Southern communities in the 11th District include Westchester, Playa del Rey, Del Rey, Mar Vista and Venice.

Northern communities include Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and West Los Angeles.

“I am confident that Bill will lead our neighborhoods in a positive direction,” Reddock said.

“Bill is the candidate I trust most. He is an independent voice for our neighborhoods, not tied to the status quo or to the downtown establishment,” she said.

Rosendahl is a stakeholder in the Mar Vista Community Council.

He is also a former Adelphia cable executive and former producer/moderator of public affairs television shows such as “Local Talk,” “Week in Review” and “Beyond the Beltway.”

YAROSLAVSKY SUPPORT — On the same day that Reddock endorsed Rosendahl, Yaroslavsky endorsed Krisiloff.

“Flora Gil Krisiloff is the best partner I could possibly have in cleaning up Santa Monica Bay, preserving the Santa Monica Mountains, curbing the overly ambitious LAX expansion plan and confronting the current traffic mess by fighting senseless overdevelopment,” Yaroslavsky said.

Yaroslavsky, who represents the county’s Third District, endorsed Krisiloff at the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration in downtown Los Angeles.

“I am so honored to receive an endorsement from Zev,” Krisiloff said.

“He has done a lot for the 11th District and the county’s Third District.

“His endorsement is important. He represents 85 percent of the 11th District and his support means so much to me,” she said.

Krisiloff is a former nurse and holds a degree in public health nursing.

In southern Idaho, she organized the VISTA volunteer program to provide healthcare services to migrant farm workers.

She later became a professor of nursing at UCLA.

In her 20 years of community service, she co-founded and is the current president of the Brentwood Community Council.

She also served as president of the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission, which is a board of the City of Los Angeles.