The Los Angeles City Council took an official position of support for a proposed California State Assembly bill that recognizes equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Los Angeles City Council-members Eric Garcetti and Bill Rosendahl asked the City Council to take an official position of support for the bill.

Rosendahl represents the local 11th City Council District and Garcetti’s district includes Hollywood.

The City Council voted Tuesday, July 12th, to include support for the recognition of equal marriage rights for same-sex partnerships among the official legislative positions of the City of Los Angeles.

“This is an important step forward for civil rights and for equal protection under the law,” said Rosendahl, an openly gay elected official.

“Today’s council vote clearly demonstrates that the City of Los Angeles supports civil marriage for all,” Rosendahl said.

In May, Garcetti introduced a motion to support California State Assembly Bill 19, which would grant marriage rights to same-sex couples.

The bill did not pass the Assembly, but similar language was included into Assembly Bill 849.

Assembly Bill 849 is currently being heard by California State Senate committees.

When Assembly Bill 849 is heard in the State Senate, Los Angeles support for the bill will be included in the legislative files.

Language adopted by the Los Angeles City Council will move past the bill if the bill dies in the State Senate.

The City Council wrote support “for any legislation or administrative action which would provide equal marriage rights to same-sex couples.”

“Americans have reaffirmed time and again that the government must not discriminate,” Garcetti said.

“We hold many different religious beliefs that no government action can intrude upon.

“The rights that marriage confers must not be denied based on someone’s choice of partner,” Garcetti said.