The City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) has reinstated Grass Roots Venice Neighbor- hood Council funding, according to the DONE general manager Greg Nelson.

The Venice Council’s ability to conduct business and expend funds from the city was suspended by the DONE, after the city department claimed that a quorum did not exist on the Grass Roots Venice board.

In a letter Nelson submitted to the Grass Roots Venice board and community Wednesday, September 8th, Nelson said that the decision to reinstate the Neighborhood Council’s funding was based on legal advice the DONE received.

“Those who were elected to the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council board of directors in the June, 2004 election may, as provided for in their election procedures, conduct the business of the Neighborhood Council at least until the election arbiter acts on the challenges,” said Nelson.

Nelson urged the Grass Roots board not to request large sums of money or money for long-term expenditures.

“The reasons are obvious. Those actions should wait until the election challenges are resolved,” he said.

Nelson was unwilling to suggest an estimated date when the election challenges would be decided upon.

“I really can’t say,” said Nelson.

Monday, September 13th, was the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council’s first board meeting since learning of its ability to conduct business and access funds.

President Suzanne Thompson demanded applause from board members regarding the news.

“The bad news is we have a zero balance,” said Grass Roots Venice treasurer Jim Smith.

Smith said that the Neighborhood Council’s funds would be accessible Tuesday, September 14th.