A team of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department experts has been asked to go to London to assist in evaluating the circumstances of the recent terrorist bombings there.

Commissioner Ian Blair of the Metropolitan Police Service in London “extended an invitation” for the Sheriff’s Department to send a team of experts from Los Angeles to review and evaluate the circumstances of the

bombings, response operations and post-event investigation.

A team of Sheriff’s Department emergency management, transit policing and explosives experts and personnel from the Terrorism Early Warning Group left for London Wednesday, July 13th.

The nature of the attacks provides a valuable opportunity for Sheriff’s Department personnel to learn more about the effects of terrorism and assess the potential for similar attacks in the U.S., Sheriff Lee Baca said.

Currently, British authorities are collaborating with law enforcement experts from the European continent with the investigation into this event.

Spain endured similar attacks March 11th, 2004, in Madrid.

This opportunity to share information with both the British and Spanish emergency managers and counter-terrorism officials will provide a unique opportunity for Sheriff’s investigators, Sheriff’s officials said.

The lessons learned will be shared with Los Angeles County law enforcement officials and emergency managers when the team returns.