The tall ship Lady Washington will arrive in Marina del Rey Thursday, December 9th, a day before the vessel is scheduled to participate in the first of two Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parades.

The ship will be moored near the lighthouse at Fisherman’s Village on Fiji Way through Sunday, December 26th, when she will be joined by a tour partner, the Hawaiian Chieftain.

During the Lady Washington’s visit in the Marina, the vessel will be available for public dockside tours, battle reenactment and adventure sails.

The public will also be able to be the Lady Washington when the ship participates in the two Marina Holiday Boat Parades Friday and Saturday, December 10th and 11th.

Reservations for tickets for Lady Washington public events are available through the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, (800) 200-LADY.

The Lady Washington is a reproduction of 18th Century tall ships.

The ship was launched March 7th, 1989 in Aberdeen, Washington.

The ship is 112 feet in length. The ship’s width varies from 22 feet at beam and 20 feet at waterline.

The main mast is 90-feet high and the fore mast is 80-feet high.

The vessel weighs 178 long tons and its ballast — lead and concrete — 65 tons.

The vessel can travel at 7.5 knots under motor power and at nine knots under sail.

The ship carries 11 sails — six square sails and five fore-and-aft sails.

There are two three-pound deck cannons and two swivel guns aboard.

The vessel has 12 crew members, seven professionals and five volunteers and may carry 60 people for inland sailing and 21 offshore.