The Los Angeles City Fire Department is seeking a suspect or suspects wanted in connection with a recent series of suspicious fires near the Venice Canals that appear to be arson-related.

LAFD arson investigators have interviewed two individuals in relation to a string of fires in the Venice area over the past month but no suspects have been arrested. Fire officials believe the incidents may be the work of an arsonist.

City officials are asking local residents to report any suspicious activity and to take “common-sense precautions” to prevent fires near their homes.

“We are determined to keep Venice safe by working together with the community; we will apprehend and arrest the person or persons responsible,” City Councilman Bill Rosendahl said.

The suspicious blazes have started as outside fires, mostly in areas such as automobiles, fences and trash cans, but some have extended into a structure, according to Fire Department officials.

The lead investigative agency is the LAFD, working in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department, Rosendahl’s office and other allied agencies, including the Santa Monica Fire Department.

Fire officials urge residents to be on the alert for suspicious activity. The LAFD recommends that residents lock all vehicles, secure gates and garages, and place rubbish in cans and secure trash cans behind closed or locked fences.

Residents should immediately call 911 should they discover an active fire. They are also urged to call the LAFD Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section office directly at (213) 485-6095 to report suspicious activity or to relay information about any of the recent fires.