The G2 Gallery in Venice is presenting a new exhibit of photography by Robb Hirsch, depicting Eastern Sierra landscapes, through Sept. 16.

Hirsch recently took part in a group exhibit at the gallery, but in his solo exhibition he is showcasing images from the area of Yosemite National Park.

Hirsch began his career as a biologist and natural historian. A passionate environmentalist, he has worked for the United States Geological Survey as a field biologist focusing on several species.

Hirsch said he initially began taking photographs of the natural world with the intention of using them as educational tools to promote conservation. But over time, he received so much positive feedback about his work that he soon realized his artistic potential in the world of environmental photography and opened an art gallery called Mountain Sage with his wife.

Winner in the 2007 Nature’s Best Windland Rice Smith International Nature Photography Competition, Hirsch said he is dedicated to finding rare geographic locations by continually exploring the wilderness and photographing all over the world.

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