Shake up your summer with all-day happy hour and a mini piñata

By Anthony Torrise

Lanea’s seaside seating offers a spot to sip a cocktail or two
Photos courtesy of Lanea

This summer might not have turned out how we expected, but there are still lots of ways to enjoy the sunshine. At Lanea in Santa Monica, they have the bites to make it all the more enjoyable. Depending on preference, you can get Lanea’s dishes delivered, to-go, or enjoy them outside at divided tables just a few blocks from the ocean.

In celebration of their one year anniversary, the cocktail bar on Broadway brings us a happy hour special that lasts all day, every day. This deal means that their tacos are only $2 and cocktails are only $9.

The street-style tacos have a big flavor for their small size and the DIY options are sure to bring family dinners up a notch. The Comida meal pack comes with a dozen tortillas, a pound of meat or veggies, pico de gallo, guacamole, chips and “the works of toppings” as described on the menu. For extra customization, the ingredients are available to order individually.

If more is needed to make you stop by, the cocktails will help. Like the extensive list of tacos, there is no shortage of creations with a kick. The most notable is the spicy margarita, which doubles the kick with fiery habanero honey and The Chainsmokers’ Jaja tequila. The Watermelon.Sugar.High is as refreshing as a real melon with added sweetness from Strega liqueur.

Lanea’s drinks overflow with creativity best shown through the frozen cocktails that are made for the summer sun. But these aren’t the slushies we loved as kids. Drinks like the Catalina Wine Mixer and the Third Street Sling make it possible to forget that alcohol is even in them, thanks to their blends of fruity flavors.

What’s most exciting about Lanea’s menu are the multiple meal packages they offer. The packages come with four to eight tacos, two to four handmade, canned Thirst Trap cocktails, and chips and salsa. There are also extras included in some of the packages! The UNO Juego pack comes with the popular card game, UNO, and a Mexican blanket. Other extras include mini and regular-sized piñatas, a clay copita (or a small squat cup traditionally used for sipping mezcal), and a jicara shot glass (a riff on another kind of traditional Latin American sipping cup).

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