A large increase in construction site burglaries in recent weeks has been reported by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Pacific Community Station.

Police are asking employees to “keep an eye out for suspicious persons or vehicles in the area of their construction sites and report anything out of the ordinary to the LAPD Pacific Community Station.”

Police say there are no confirmed suspects committing these crimes, but that suspects have been targeting office trailers for computers and storage units for tools.

Construction employees are asked to:

– secure all windows and doors by locking and, if possible, reinforcing them at the end of the day;

– keep areas around trailers and storage units well lit during nighttime hours;

– if possible, hire security for after-hour patrols;

– fence off construction sites and lock and secure gates at the end of the day;

– never let unauthorized personnel on the construction site; and

– keep storage units closed and locked at all times.

Persons who see any suspicious activity, such as individuals loitering around construction sites or “casing” the site, are asked to call the LAPD Pacific Community Station, (310) 482-6334.

Those who witness a crime or need immediate emergency services should dial 9-1-1.