Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Pacific Area police said a majority of the “distraction type” burglaries targeting elderly residents in the LAPD Pacific Area this year occurred in a section of the Del Rey community.

There were 12 “distraction type” burglaries that occurred in the area served by the LAPD Pacific Community Police Station this year, police reported.

A majority of these crimes took place in the area bounded by Alla Road, Centinela Avenue, Washington Place and Culver Boulevard, in Del Rey, police said.

All of the crimes occurred between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The distraction-type burglaries targeted elderly residents who mostly reside alone.

Police said the crimes occurred when the suspect(s) “convinced or tricked” the elderly victims into allowing the suspect to enter their backyards.

While the suspect(s) and victim were in the backyard, another suspect entered the residence and removed property or money, police said.

Police say some of the distractions used by the suspects included:

n telling the victim that the suspect’s cat had run into the victim’s backyard;

n telling the victim that the suspects were city inspectors and needed to look at the backyard fences or trees, and;

n telling victims that they lived behind the victim and wanted to retrieve a football.

A young child has sometimes accompanied the suspects.

Police said a majority of the suspects in the burglaries are described as Hispanic.

Police warn community residents, “Do not let the stranger inside” if they are approached with a similar situation.

Community residents should be on the lookout for strangers at an elderly neighbor’s residence, police suggested.

Residents who see any suspicious activity are asked to contact the LAPD Pacific Community Police Station at (310) 482-6334.

Residents who witness a crime or need immediate emergency services should call 911.