A firearm was discovered in the carry-on luggage of a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) commanding officer at Los Angeles International Airport, Thursday, September 23rd.

John Miller, LAPD commanding officer of the LAPD counter-terrorism bureau, was detained after the firearm was discovered by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee, who was viewing x-rays of baggage, the LAPD said.

Miller — who was travelling with his family — was temporarily detained by TSA employees. The firearm was confiscated by airport police and Miller was permitted to continue on his scheduled flight.

Miller is authorized to carry the concealed gun, but he did not declare having the gun in his possession until it was discovered, LAPD officials said.

The maximum TSA fine for this type of incident is $3,000.

LAPD media relations reported that Miller will be issued a “letter of warning” — the minimum penalty — by the TSA.

Miller was appointed to the LAPD by chief of police William J. Bratton in January 2003.

As the LAPD bureau chief of the counter terrorism bureau, Miller oversees the operations of the anti-terrorist division, bomb squad and the hazardous materials unit.