Scholarship fund created in honor of retiring nonprofit founder

By Kamala Kirk

Santa Monica resident Harley Frankel has dedicated his career to improving education. Over the years, he has held numerous prestigious roles, including director of the National Head Start program, senior White House aide, and executive VP of the Portland Trail Blazers.

In 2003, he founded College Match, a nonprofit organization that was established to help talented students from low-income families get into and graduate from the nation’s top colleges and universities. After 20 years of giving back to thousands of underserved students, Frankel is retiring from his position as president of College Match on his 80th birthday.

Frankel’s legacy of outstanding leadership will be celebrated with a virtual fundraiser event on Feb. 2 and the creation of the Harley Frankel Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund will ensure that every low-income College Match student has sufficient financial resources to attend the college of their choice and to assist students currently in college with unanticipated or new financial needs so they can continue and complete their education. Sponsorship opportunities are available and start at $1,000. For every dollar raised, College Match generates a return on investment of 2,000% in total financial assistance for students.

“Working with these incredibly bright and talented inner city students gives me more joy than any other job I have ever had, and I have had some good ones,” Frankel said. “College Match is the best thing I have ever done because of the wonderful students and their devoted parents.”

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