Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has launched its new public Internet Flight Tracking System at Los Angeles International (LAX), LA/Ontario (ONT) and Van Nuys (VNY) airports.

The new system, called WebTrak, replaces the flight tracking system that LAWA has used since 2002, and will also serve as the online noise complaint entry system for each airport. The Internet-based program is located on the three airports’ Noise Management pages at www.lawa.org/.

WebTrak allows members of the public to view movement of flights and air traffic within the greater Los Angeles region, and allows them to obtain information on the flight identification, aircraft type, altitude, and origin/destination airports of any aircraft flying over their neighborhoods.

Real time data in the live mode is delayed 30 minutes for aviation security and system processing reasons. Historical data is viewed in the replay mode and is available up to 90 days in the past.

The system’s integrated noise complaint feature will allow residents disturbed by airport noise to view aircraft flight tracks, select an operation that may be the cause, and submit a complaint with the operation information automatically filled in. It will also allow users to go directly to the noise complaint form if they prefer.

“The new and improved features of our WebTrak system provide the public with additional user-friendly tools to understand how aircraft operate in the airspace, and the noise from those operations,” says LAWA Environmental Services Division Manager Robert Freeman. “It demonstrates LAWA’s continuing commitment to provide residents in neighboring communities with the means to quickly identify and report aircraft operations that cause them concern.”

Features of the flight tracking system include the use of Federal Aviation Administration ARTS radar data; an improved map system that allows the user to pan and zoom using the Map Control toolbar; display of noise levels from the numerous noise monitoring terminals in both the live and replay modes; and an integrated noise complaint form that the public can use to enter online noise complaints.

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