A lawsuit has been filed against the Playa Vista Phase II development.

The City of Santa Monica, the Surfrider Foundation, representatives of Tongva/Gabrieleno Native Americans and the Ballona Wetlands Land Trust filed papers Friday, November 12th, in Los Angeles County Superior Court, challenging the approval of the environmental impact report (EIR) for Playa Vista Phase II.

The coalition alleges that an “adequate” EIR was not prepared and that Playa Vista is in violation of the City of Los Angeles general plan.

The suit claims that the EIR is “inadequate” because it fails to address environmental impacts and mitigation measures for the following:

– the removal of about 400 burials from a Native American burial ground, which is on the project site of Phase II;

– an increase in motor vehicle traffic around the project site;

– shallow subsurface methane gas in concentrations that exceed the lower explosive limit of methane gas; and

– large volumes of wastewater generated by the project.

“The desecration of our ancestors is an atrocity; it is barbaric,” said Anthony Morales, tribal chairman and chief of Gabrieleno/Tongva Tribal Council of San Gabriel.

“Because this development is being constructed on top of a village, finding more artifacts throughout the property is not only likely, but should halt this project and force Playa Vista to rebury the burials already dug up,” he said.

The City of Santa Monica has raised concerns regarding the traffic impact as a result of the project.

“The EIR completely ignores traffic impacts on Santa Monica neighborhoods,” said Santa Monica mayor Richard Bloom.

“Adding thousands more cars to streets that are already congested is a huge step backwards,” he said.

The first phase of Playa Vista — east of Lincoln Boulevard, south of Jefferson Boulevard — is currently in development and estimated to be less than half completed.

The litigation targets the Playa Vista second phase — a 450-acre area the developers call The Village.