Service workers at the Holiday Inn Los Angeles International Airport have filed a class action lawsuit against the hotel alleging they are owed millions of dollars in unpaid wages.
The workers, who include bartenders, housekeepers, cooks, and other employees at the LAX-area hotel, allege in the complaint that hotel management has not respected their right to take meal breaks, not reimbursed them for expenses incurred while performing their work, and failed to pay them the city’s mandatory “living wage” required for all airport-area hotels. The lawsuit was announced at a news conference outside the hotel Oct. 4.
Workers at the Holiday Inn LAX claim they have routinely been asked to continue working after clocking out, and to work through required lunch breaks and rest periods, according to the complaint. The plaintiffs additionally allege that they are not earning the so-called “living wage” requirement that was passed by the City Council in 2007. That wage is currently $11.97 per hour.
Among other allegations in the lawsuit are that banquet workers have been denied the tips they lawfully were entitled to when they worked in banquet events.
“My clients are filing suit to bring an end to the Holiday Inn LAX’s oppressive employment practices; including requiring employees to work extra hours without pay, refusing to let employees take breaks and forcing housekeepers to buy their own cleaning supplies,” alleged Randy Renick, the attorney for the workers.
A spokesperson for the Holiday Inn LAX could not be immediately reached for comment.