The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners approved $2 daily rate increases Monday, October 19th for off-airport Economy Parking Lots B and C at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The rates at Economy Parking Lots B and C will increase from $8 and $10 per day, respectively, to $10 and $12 per day. Both lots will continue to offer free parking for the first two hours and to charge $1 for every two hours up to the daily maximum.

Twenty-four hour free shuttle bus service will continue to be offered seven days a week between the two parking lots and LAX’s passenger terminal area.

Economy Parking Lot C is at 96th Street and Sepulveda Boulevard, one-quarter mile from the passenger terminal area, while Lot B is at 11th Street and La Cienega Boulevard, less than two miles from the terminal area.

The rate increases are expected to help off-set rising costs for operation, maintenance and security of the lots, as well as for the free shuttle bus service that takes passengers from the parking lots to the passenger terminals, airport officials said. The daily rates at Lots B and C were last raised in 2002. Prior to that, rates had not been changed since 1990.

The rate increase comes after a recent survey of privately owned off-airport parking lots near LAX showed that despite a $2 per day increase, LAX’s economy parking lots would still be priced well below other lots in proximity to LAX, which charge between $10 and $19 daily, depending upon proximity to the passenger terminals.

The new rates will become effective November 19th.