There will be at least two lawsuits against the proposed Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) master plan Alternative D, recently approved by the Los Angeles City Council.

A suit was to be filed Thursday, January 6th, in Los Angeles Superior Court by attorney Jan Chatten-Brown on behalf of ARSAC (Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion).

The City of El Segundo filed a similar lawsuit Monday, January 3rd, alleging that the environmental review for the LAX master plan modernization project violates the California Environmental Quality Act.

Both ARSAC and the City of El Segundo claim that the Los Angeles City Council didn’t wait for a second RAND Corporation study concerning safety and security at LAX, prior to the City Council’s “rush to approve the project.”

Brown said that the City of Los Angeles hasn’t negotiated with ARSAC, her client.

Brown said that perhaps the impending lawsuit would persuade Los Angeles city officials to discuss the most critical issues ARSAC has regarding the LAX project.

El Segundo will continue to negotiate with Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn, even though the lawsuit has been filed, said El Segundo city officials.

Officials of the Cities of Culver City and Inglewood have not filed a lawsuit at this time, saying they, too, are negotiating with Los Angeles city officials regarding the Los Angeles plans at LAX.

A Community Benefits Agreement program of $500 million in community benefits was approved by the Los Angeles City Council to mitigate noise, pollution, and to provide jobs to residents in communities surrounding LAX, such as Inglewood and Lennox.