The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners has approved a $107 million project to build a connector facility between the Tom Bradley International Terminal and Terminal 4 at Los Angeles International Airport, as well as a new checked-baggage inspection system.
Airport officials say the facility will provide a secure connection between the international terminal and Terminals 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 on the south side of the LAX Central Terminal Area.
The project is the latest component of the LAX Capital Improvement Program and airport officials believe it will enhance security and convenience, save passengers time, and make connections between domestic and international flights easier.
Using the new connector, domestic passengers already screened will be able to transition between Terminals 4 and Bradley without the need for rescreening, and additional security checkpoints will be provided for arriving international travelers who have cleared customs inspection and need to catch connecting flights at other terminals.
In addition, the new inspection system for checked luggage will feature new explosive detection systems, and a new bus transport will be offered for passengers between Bradley and south terminals.