Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Police Officer Eleanor Traylor has won a commander’s certificate of commendation from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for “exceptional performance” when she aided a CHP officer who needed assistance with a suspect.

The LAX Police Division patrols Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Traylor was recognized by CHP Captain Calvin Aubrey. In December, a lone uniformed CHP officer became involved in a struggle with a suspect near the intersection of 96th Street and Normandie Avenue.

The suspect allegedly was combative, armed with a metal pole and blocking traffic.

Police officials said the CHP officer tried to wrestle the 6-foot-three, 230-pound suspect.

Traylor was off duty and leaving church when she saw the struggle and ran to assist the CHP officer.

“I saw that the officer needed help,” Traylor said.

Police officials said that Traylor actually “kicked off her Sunday shoes.”

The suspect was taken into custody. Traylor and the CHP officer were not injured.

Traylor joined the City of Los Angeles staff 30 years ago as a clerk typist and transferred to LAX in 1976.

She became an airport security officer in 1978, an airport special officer in 1980 and an airport police officer in 1981.