LAX runway incursions, 2007

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In the following list of runway incursions provided by NATCA, Runway 24R/24L refers to the northern airfield complex and Runway 25R/25L refers to the southern airfield complex.

February 24th — A B737 landed on Runway 24R and exited at Taxiway AA without exit instructions and a turboprop cleared for takeoff on Runway 24L. The turboprop became airborne at Taxiway Y, while the B737 crossed Runway 24L. The turboprop over-flew the B737 by approximately 800 feet.

February 25th — A general aviation turboprop was instructed to taxi to Runway 25R via Taxiways A and CC. The pilot read back the clearance. When the controller observed the turboprop approaching Runway 25R on Taxiway CC he advised the pilot to stop, and a turboprop on a one-half mile final was issued go-around instructions.

May 6th — A turboprop landed on Runway 24R. An A340 had been cleared to land while the turboprop slowed to a stop adjacent to the runway edge line. The A340 landed on Runway 24R while the turboprop slowly exited onto Taxiway Z.

May 29th — A B767 was landing on Runway 25L and exiting onto Taxiway M. A B727 was cleared for takeoff on Runway 25R. The controller observed the B767 approaching Runway 25R hold bars, so he confirmed his previous hold short instructions. The B767 came to an abrupt stop beyond the hold markings short of the runway. The B727 rotated between Taxiway K and Taxiway M.

June 19th — An A320 being cleared for takeoff on Runway 25R. A B717 landed on Runway 25L and exited at Taxiway M.

The controller observed the B717 quickly approaching the hold bars for Runway 25R, so several times he instructed the B717 to stop.

The controller then cancelled the A320 takeoff clearance. The B717 crossed the hold bars and stopped just short of the edge line of Runway 25R.

August 16th — A B737 landed on Runway 24R and exited at Taxiway Y. While exiting, the pilot switched to the ground controller’s frequency without instruction.

The ground controller assumed that the B737 had been cleared to cross Runway 24L and responded by giving him a clearance to the gate. The ground controller then realized that the B737 had not been given clearance to cross Runway 24L by the tower controller and instructed him to stop.

The B737 had crossed the hold bars when he came to a stop, and a departing A320 was on departure roll and passed within 50 feet, horizontally, from the B737.

August 25th — A B737 (1) landed on Runway 24R, exited at Taxiway AA and was instructed to hold short of Runway 24L. The flight crew read back the instructions but continued past the hold bars.

A B737 (2) was on a takeoff roll on Runway 24L when it rotated at Taxiway Z. The B737 (2) over-flew the B737 (1) by approximately 200 feet.

Additionally, a turboprop that had just received its takeoff instructions on Runway 24L had its departure clearance cancelled by the controller.

September 16th — A B737 landed on runway 24R and was instructed to hold short of Runway 24L. The pilot did not read back the controller’s clearance. The B737 was then instructed to exit at Taxiway AA and hold short of Runway 24L. The B737 read back the hold short instructions, and the B737 verified if they were cleared to cross Runway 24L.

The controller replied, “Negative, hold short of Runway 24L.” The B737 pilot responded, “We passed the hold short line.” A regional jet on short final to Runway 24L was issued go-around instructions.

October 12th — An A319 had been cleared by SOCAL (Southern California Approach) to Runway 25L. When the A319 checked on the tower frequency for Runway 25L, the tower controller instructed the pilot to side-step to Runway 25R and cleared him to land on Runway 25R. The pilot read back, “Cleared to land two-five right.” Moments later the A319 landed on Runway 25L.

November 2nd — Involved SOCAL clearing a B717 on approach to Runway 25R due to FOD (foreign object debris) on Runway 25L. The B717 checked in on tower frequency stating, “With you for Runway 25R.”

The tower issued the B717 clearance to land on Runway 25R. The pilot read back the clearance to land on Runway 25R and subsequently landed on Runway 25L. The weather prevented the tower from observing the B717 lined up to land on Runway 25L until the aircraft was touching down.

December 6th — Incident involved an MD11 holding short of Runway 25L at Taxiway A. An MD82 on Taxiway B was instructed by the tower controller to taxi into position and hold on Runway 25R. The instruction was read back by the MD82 pilot. The MD11 incorrectly followed the instruction intended for the MD82. The MD82 pilot transmission blocked the transmission from the MD11 pilot.

The tower controller observed the MD11 crossing Runway 25L at Taxiway F with a B757 on a two-mile final for Runway 25L. The controller then attempted to have the MD11 taxi quickly across Runway 25L but received no response. The tower controller issued go-around instructions to the B757 on approach.

December 26th — An MD80 landed on Runway 25L, and the air traffic controller cleared the aircraft to exit at Taxiway AP and instructed the pilot to hold short of Runway 25R.

The pilot replied, “Cross the right, remain this frequency.” The controller then cleared an A319 for departure on Runway 25R from Taxiway B-1. Moments later the controller observed the MD80 cross the hold bars at Taxiway P, at which time he cancelled the take-off clearance of the A319.