Rep. Maxine Waters (D- Westchester) has authored an amendment to recently approved legislation to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration, calling for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) officials to improve communication with the surrounding communities.

The congresswoman, who said she opposed House Bill 658 because its $9.8 million in cuts to Airport Improvement Program funding in California would cost jobs and decrease safety, urged Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) to consult with representatives of the surrounding communities regarding airport operations and plans to expand, modify or realign airport facilities.

“Airports have a large impact on the residents and businesses that surround them: they get us where we need to go and they are economic hubs that employ many people, but they also create noise, cause pollution, and increase traffic congestion,” Waters said in a statement. “This is acutely the situation at LAX, and the communities that I represent, including Inglewood, Westchester, Playa del Rey and South Los Angeles have been struggling for years as the airport continues to pursue expansion and construction projects that may be unnecessary.”

The airport, which is located in the congresswoman’s district, is the sixth busiest airport in the world for passengers and ranks 13th in air cargo tonnage handled worldwide.

“As the gateway to L.A. and an economic engine in a crowded metro area, I know LAX wants to be the best possible neighbor it can be. This amendment will help make that possible,” Waters said.