The Neighborhood Council of Westchester-Playa del Rey unanimously last week agreed to oppose Los Angeles City Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski’s “consensus plan” solution to the proposed Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) master plan Alternative D.

At a Neighborhood Council meeting Tuesday, September 7th, the council voted 21-0 to adopt a position paper that opposes Miscikowski’s “consensus plan” for Alternative D.

Ten councilmembers were absent from the meeting.

The council affirmed its willingness to “work with the airlines and other communities in developing an LAX master plan which is directly tied to a regional solution.”

The council also affirmed its support for a safe and secure airport in the position paper.

While the consensus plan does seek to impose some control on major construction at LAX and place a cap on passenger capacity, the plan doesn’t eliminate the main Alternative D elements that the Neighborhood Council opposes, says a letter addressed to Miscikowski.

Neighborhood Councilmember Denny Schneider said the Neighborhood Council opposes Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn’s proposed Alternative D master plan, an estimated $9 billion proposed project to redevelop and expand the airport.

The project proposes installing an automated people mover system, demolishing north concourses for wider, lengthened runways, and adding a consolidated rental car facility in place of Parking Lot C.

Building a Ground Transportation Center (GTC) at Manchester Square and upgrading Tom Bradley International Terminal are also proposed in the plan.

Hahn claims that safety and security are the goals of his plan but Schneider said neither issue is properly addressed.

Other major concerns of the Neighborhood Council include what the neighbors say is the excessive cost of the plan, relocation of 7,000 residents, relocation of elementary schools, and environmental impacts.

Alternative D also omits a feasible method of controlling the number of LAX passengers, and does not adequately address the traffic impacts, the Neighborhood Council claims.

Miscikowski, who represents the Westchester-Playa del Rey area, has said that she developed the “consensus plan” to limit LAX development using a specific plan document.

The councilwoman was originally opposed to Alternative D, but when she developed the consensus plan, she “decided to take a different path from the one that the community wanted,” according to the council.

The city Board of Airport Commissioners adopted the consensus plan June 14th, but the Neighborhood Council was not permitted to provide its input, the Neighborhood Council position paper says.

Many members of the Neighborhood Council feel that the “consensus plan” does not change the goals of Alternative D, and will be used to push the approval of Alternative D by the end of the year for political reasons, Schneider said.

According to the Neighborhood Council position paper, the “consensus plan” still includes the main elements that the council oppose, including the GTC and tearing down three north terminals.

The Westchester-Playa del Rey Neighborhood Council finds that the consensus plan is “inconsistent with its adopted position paper on the LAX master plan,” the position paper says.

The consensus plan is basically the same as Alternative D, but divides the projects into two phases, “green light” and “yellow light,” the Neighborhood Council claims.

The “green light” projects include the consolidated rental car facility, which the (Neighborhood) Council agrees is needed, but not in place of (Parking Lot) C, Schneider said.

“Yellow light” projects, which are subjective to additional review by the Los Angeles City Council, would include the GTC at Manchester Square, he said.

The Neighborhood Council has taken its stance against the consensus plan and Alternative D, and according to members, it is not too late for Los Angeles to come up with a new master plan that the airlines and local communities can support.