South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club (SCCYC) ran its annual Les Storrs Series for Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) and One Designs classes last weekend.

On Saturday, March 26th, surrounded by questionable winds and weather, the SCCYC race committee left the dock to run one of the oldest races in Marina del Rey.

Possible classes were planned for PHRF A, B, and C, Schock 35, Martin 242, J 24 Star, Santana 20 and Cal 20.

However, due to the weather and the holiday weekend, participation was light and only four classes were run.

This series is traditionally a two-day event and includes five individual races for each class.

Due to Easter falling on Sunday, it was decided that the event would be reduced to a one-day event with fewer starts.

According to race committee chairman Jim Doherty:

“Winds averaged ten knots and the seas were cooperative for both the racers and the race committee.”

Principal race officer and staff commodore Bob Kellock chose excellent courses and was ably assisted by Christine and Gary Speck, Tracy Keaney, Bruce Fleck and race chair Doherty.

The “mark set” boat was manned by Tom Estlow and Stu Coleman, who were kept busy setting the movable marks.

Following the completion of three events for four classes, the group returned for hospitality and trophies.

In PHRF A, three boats competed and John Staff, South Bay Yacht Racing Club, took first place sailing Wildcat, a Cheetah 30.

In PHRF B, three boats competed and Bryce Benjamin, California Yacht Club, sailing his new J109, Persistence, took first place

PHRF C saw a Columbia 22, Brava, sailed by Gimmy Tranquillo of SCCYC, take first place in a class of four starters.

In the Martin 242 class, Strange Crew, sailed by Steve and Stephanie Hathaway with staff commodore Craig Leeds and Margie Cate, took first place in a class of five competitors.