A couple that’s true blue
Re: “The Raconteur of the Venice Canals,” cover story, June 12
Raconteur: N. A storyteller, especially a person noted for telling stories with skill and wit; V. To make witty remarks or stories.
Both of these are true for Orson Bean. Your article brings to life a living, breathing heart of gold. I had the privilege of singing with Orson at First Lutheran of Venice. He is not only a raconteur but also a hearty vocalist, never without a joke. As we would pray before worship, Orson would say, “Let my communion cup overfloweth,” or something like that.
Orson and his wife Alley Mills are true blue, which is hard to find these days.
Years ago, I had gone through a nasty divorce which left me penniless. My children had a school bill I could not pay. Orson only overheard this, but without me knowing it he paid the bill and told me later.
I am currently reading his vibrant memoir, “Safe at Home.” With people like Orson in the world, I feel safe in the world. Hat’s off to Orson. May his cup continue to overfloweth!
Lauri Matisse
Marina Del Rey

Animal rescuer deserves praise
Re: “A Man for Animals,” cover story, June 5
Many thanks to Josephine Johnson for her wonderful feature article “A Man for Animals.” Thank you for honoring such a great and compassionate man, Peter Wallerstein, and giving him the spotlight he deserves. May more of us follow his beautiful example of fierce love, courage and justice for animals. Then maybe one day there will appear in the paper an article with the headline “Humans for Animals.”
On the subject of animals, I passionately agree with Argonaut reader Al Masters, whose letter “EPA should weigh in on meat” (June 5) explains the devastation caused by the consumption of animals as food. There is so much evidence and so much information, websites and books out about this, yet most people, along with mainstream media, insist on ignoring the dire connection between meat consumption and climate change.
Patty McCollim
Santa Monica