Bikes create buzz

Last week’s cover story, “Power to the Pedal: Commuting by bicycle is becoming mainstream, but are the roadways ready?” received several comments online.

On The Argonaut website, Steve Wilson writes: “You mentioned many correct things bike riders should do but never stated that they must follow all laws that autos must follow — no sidewalk riding, going in the same direction as traffic, stopping for stop signs and red lights, and NO CUTTING THROUGH CARS AS IF THEY WERE ON A MOTORCYCLE! The latter, for motorcyclists, has created more deaths than any other state in this country.”

On the social media and story-sharing website reddit, user “Winkers” writes: “If the bike lanes didn’t seemingly randomly disappear on major boulevards as soon as I bike inland a couple of miles, then I’d bike more. …  I wish they’d designate a few side streets actually as ‘bike boulevards’ with the share-a-lane or sizable dedicated bike lanes like Pearl Avenue in Santa Monica. I think it’s crazy to see casual cyclists sharing the road at certain places on Wilshire, Santa Monica, Bundy, Sepulveda and Olympic.”

CarneAsadaFries : “It’s definitely a chicken-and-egg problem. A lot of people don’t want to ride because bike lanes feel dangerous, exactly as you described. Thus, the demand is seemingly not there and cycling lanes get the lowest of priority.”

Gwreckk: “Bundy and SaMo Blvd. are treacherous.”

Havestronaut: “Totally. That’s right where Broadway and Arizona leave you high and dry. Bundy is West LA though. Not in Santa Monica proper, so it’s on the city of LA to put a path through there.”

Delicate-Flower: “The Santa Monica model” sucks. I lived there three years with no car and if SM is the model that’s just awful. They don’t allow bikes on the sidewalk unlike most of LA Co. Then they abruptly end lanes pushing cyclists into traffic.”

Havestronaut: What’s sad is, it’s the best biking infrastructure in LA outside of Long Beach. … One of the problems is West LA and Venice don’t continue the same paths.”

‘Ponder before you pick’

Re: “A subversive gets conversive,” June 19

Was it really necessary to select an image of a woman sprawled on the bed with privates exposed [Eric Fischl’s 1981 paining “Bad Boy”] to understand the concept of “subversive” art?

Parents shouldn’t have to hide The Argonaut from the kiddies. I hope you ponder before you pick in the future. Give your readers some credit for their sophistication and imagination.

Cindy Hains
Pacific Palisades